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Dorm Room Fund is the original venture firm for students. We've helped student founders navigate entrepreneurial challenges and build great companies for over 9 years.

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How We Invest

Our Investment Process

Dorm Room Fund invests in student-run companies incorporated in the US. We do not require you to be raising a round. Our companies range from having an initial idea to existing customer traction. Our standard investment is a $40,000 SAFE.

Beyond a $40,000 check, all of our community companies get access to a suite of resources, our founder community and investor network, and support services from our investment partners and HQ team members.

Learn more about the application process here.

Not sure if you’re ready to apply? Get in touch with one of our investment team partners or HQ members via email or on LinkedIn!

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Not ready to apply for funding just yet but want to get a taste of what it is like for be a part of the DRF community?

The Blueprint Project

DRF’s intensive program for aspiring investors and founders who identify as Black, Indigenous, or LatinX.

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Prism Investor Track

Bringing together talented LGBTQ+ students to learn from the best startup investors in the business.

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Women's Founder Track

An 8-week summer masterclass for early-stage women-identifying founders

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Women's Investor Track

Apply here for DRF’s 6-week, fully remote masterclass to help women build and grow their career in venture.

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PHD Track

Start your journey from academia into startups and entrepreneurship.

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Alex Torrey

I went to business school to start my second company—so being part of DRF was my obvious first choice. My time on the investing team definitely helped me supercharge my time on campus. The DRF mafia is real.

Alex Torrey, CEO & Co-Founder, The Rounds

Investment Process

What to Expect

Submit an application.

We welcome all applicants! Whether you have an idea, or a developed product, we want to hear from you.

First call.

If it fits our investment criteria, an investment partner will reach out and schedule a call to hear more about your company, team, and vision.

Second call.

If we’re ready to dig in more, another investment partner, different from the first, will reach out to you to learn more about your company and team. We’re doing more diligence, as they say in the venture capital world!

Pitch to regional team.

Once we’ve done our diligence, we’d love for you to meet our team. Expect a night of founders pitching, partners asking questions, and overall good vibes. After the pitch, we may have more questions for diligence, but you will hear back soon about whether or not it fits our investment criteria.

Join the family.

Once you join, you’re #DRFforlife. New founders will be welcome into the community with exclusive perks, resources, and a personalized onboarding.



Do I need an MVP?

No idea is too early for Dorm Room Fund, but we love founders who have gone unreasonably deep and prove to us that they care about the idea. Whether you have extensive user research or a demo, we want to see proof that you truly care about a problem.

Can I reapply with the same startup idea?

Yes! We recognize that many startup founders have brilliant ideas but every founder has their off days. As an example, Snackpass, which raised a $70 million Series B round, applied twice.

What if the members of my team recently graduated?

We expect at least one founding member of the team to be enrolled or have graduated within the last year.

Can I apply to Dorm Room Fund if my startup is incorporated internationally?

No, Dorm Room Fund invests in companies incorporated in the U.S. Startups can be incorporated in the U.S. but build internationally. If you have questions about company eligibility, reach out to us at [email protected].